1 . Performing magic rituals, energetic sessions, advices, analyses, fortunetelling, and supplying materials, as well as energizer talismans or other magic items created by Haron shall not be considered the provision of a service or the supply of goods as understood by applicable law regulations. The course of the magic rituals and their effectiveness many be compared to the undertakings performed by a doctor, who can heal a patient only if the latter one wants to and supports the healing process.
2. All the payments made to the bank account or the PayPal account shall be understood voluntary donations for the energy, as well as time durimg with Haron advises and helps the clients. The said payments are non-retumable in nature.
3. Magic, spirituality, visions of the future, rituals, energy boots, and chams are not commodities and shall not be understood that way. They cannot be returned or echanged. the payment of any amount of money to the bank account orany other form of donation is equivalent to accepting the working principles of Haron published on the website. All the materials utilized durimg the performed undertakings cannot beredeemed, renewed, or used for any other work. hence the lack of possibility to return or exchange them.
4. There is no exchange or return possibilities when it comes to the services provided by Haron. All the energy - related acions, including energizing talizmans, conducting ritual seassions, fortunetelling, and giving advices cannot be returned or exchanged for any other product or service due to their non - returnable and immaterial nature.
5. In thr spiritual world, there is no guarantee, as the Universe follows its own course. The said direction cannot be foreseen and that is why Haron does not make impossible to fulfill promises and does not guarantee miracles to happen. Howewer, he will support you energetically and magically, will use his own energy to help you, and will take advantage of his life energy to activate the power of univerce for the client. If you have any doubts, Haron advices you not to ask him for help. If you decide to be supported by him, you can be sure that Haron will take care of you. The future changes every single day. You actions also alter it, and that is why haron cannot be heldresponsible for the said changes. He canno be responsibile or liable if anything goes not as planned. You shape your own future every day.
6. Haron cannot be held responsible for any negative effects of taking advantage of his advices, talismans, nad energy. He cannot also be liable for the improper understanding of his advices being a part of his future - relating visions, letters, and e - amil messages.
7. Haron recives finacialand non - finacial for his advices, helo, magical sessions, talisman energizing, and other form of support. He does not use any price list, as he does not offer any services or goods. The said donations are voluntary and every client has the possibility to send him as much as neded for the so-caled magicexchange and balance principle to be fulfilled. Working methods of Haron shall be kept cofidential. He may choose to disclose some of them in private messanges exchanged witch clients.
8. If theclient decides to ask Haron for help, he or she must be fully aware of the fact that his or hers more powerful allies are Will and Faith. On the other hand, the most dreadful enemies are doubts, negative feelings, and uneasiness. That is why Haron advises you to focus on his indication and hints and not to wase your time and energy on doubts, concultationss with friend, or talks people who make your uneasiness and anxiety grow stronger.
9. All the distriptions published on theebsite administrated by haron are provided only for informational purposes, as to advise the client in terms of theavailable support methods. All the magic undertakings to be performed are prior agrees with the client, as the energy must be adjusted to a particular situation. There are no ready-made solutions or ways out. All the further actions are based on the working principles provided herein which shall be considered the foundation of all the said undertaking.
10. While placing an order for any service to be provided by Haron. the client agrees that hr or she is fully familiar with the terms provided herein and accepts them.
11. Haron shall not be held accountable for any damaged ald losses caused by his advises being published on the website on the client or exchanged with thrid parties via e-mail, fortunetelling, and magic works. The disclaimer also covers the failure to win in any games to chance. Each visitor or the website has been informated about the aforementioned fact via the terms and conditions of the website.
12.If any of the provisions above has deemed null and void, other provisions shall remain in full effect.

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